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What is BioPHP project?

This  wiki page is an openfree project to develop PHP code and scripts for bioinformatics application.

We aim to develop biological modules in PHP for biocomputing and bioinformatics.

Who owns BioPHP?

You! We welcome anyone on Earth to openfreely contribute and claim the credit in BioPHP projects.

Why PHP language?

PHP inherited the original Perl philosophy in that it makes programming easy and fun by providing easy functions to connect internet sites and SQL servers. BioPHP will become as and even more useful as BioPerl.

Some scripts developed using BioPHP:(Click on to view the program)

    1. View this      DNA to Protein
    2. View      HMMER Interface.
    3. View       PHYLIP .
    4. View       DNA sequence to pattern.
    5. View       Finding tandem repeats in DNA sequence.
    6. View       Melting temperature of oligonucleotides.
    7. View      Optimal binding between RNA strands.
    8. View      Global Alignment.


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